About Me

Many people will know of me from the uncannily accurate readings I gave listeners to The Third Eye radio show, both by telephone and email. You may also have read about me in CHAT It’s Fate, The Daily Express, Psychic News, The East Anglian Times and other newspapers that have written about my work. Having given psychic readings for many years, practice makes perfect and I have earned a reputation for considerable accuracy.

I am here to help you in whatever way I can.

You can consult me on any issue that would like some insight, guidance or advice. I don’t judge, so you can be frank and honest about any issue and in complete confidence. Relationships, finances, career prospects, house moves, job hunting, family problems…or perhaps for a detailed look at what will be happening in your life over the next 6 – 12 months. Whatever it is, just ask!

If you require a psychic reading, please contact me for a reading' through the psychic readings options on my site.

If contact me through any of these options then please be aware that all payments are processed through or PAYPAL (note: you can also pay with your credit/debit card when you get to paypal).

Or you can contact me through my contact form which can be found by clicking here where I can advise you of the options available.

Susie xxx

About The Third Eye Radio Show

The Third Eye is a radio show produced by Susie Quinnell and Trevor John, previously broadcast on Radio London/Big L where listeners received readings live on air.