Your Reading

The messages I give can be life changing, so please listen to them carefully and try to be open about what you hear and all the possibilities that are there for you in the near future.

The guidance and information I receive from my guides can provide extremely revealing insights to the different issues and problems you face and how they may be resolved.

With their help I access multiple layers of information about your life and by giving you precise and detailed information, so helping you move forward.

I use a combination of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Put simply, these terms mean I see images, hear words and feel emotions which I then interpret for you.

I don’t usually reach for my tarot cards, although as a very experienced psychic reader I’m happy to do so if you want me to.


I am repeatedly told by my clients that I give very accurate readings. Feedback is always welcome!

As with any gift, practice makes perfect and I have been reading successfully for very many years.

Questions about accuracy are often based on the assumption that your future is fixed. It isn’t! You are always free to make your own choices and by deciding not to act on something or by ignoring something you have been told, it will have a bearing on your future.

How I can help you?

My psychic insights can provide help on just about every aspect of your life.

Clients consult me on what is coming up for them in the next 6 – 12 months, on relationship problems, career prospects, finances, house moves, job hunting, family problems…or whatever they choose.

There are no taboo areas, I don’t judge and will always give the advice that is given to me from spirit.

My readings are based on the psychic abilities shown below.


Clairvoyance is when a psychic can ‘see’ things that others can’t – either in the present or in the future. This ability is also known as precognition or second sight.

When I give a reading, this information comes to me as a series of images which I then interpret for you.


My clairvoyance is usually accompanied by clairaudience. This is involves hearing voices or sounds, often simultaneously with the images I receive, to help me give you a very accurate reading.


Clairsentient means ‘clear feeling’ or ‘clear sensing’. It means I can literally smell or taste something or feel emotions such as happiness, sadness or fear, or in the case of physical ailments the pain in the part of the body affected. This may relate to you or someone in your life.

Remote viewing

This is an ability to see what is happening currently in another location and so describe what is taking place.


Sometimes during a reading I may receive messages from friends and loved ones who have passed over. These are often given as proof of life after death and to show that they are watching over you and want to help wherever they can.